the internet awareness campaign #MeToo

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The Internet Awareness Campaign #MeToo Student’s name Institution affiliation Abstract The rise of gender-related violence in the modern society has been prevalent despite the notable social, political, and economic achievements. In this case, women have been the major victims of various violence and abuse from men or fellow women. This essay elaborates the context and development of #MeToo movement in the social media platforms. Fortunately, the hashtag is not a podium for naming the victimizers but a show of hands of the survivors. Therefore, as the hashtag spreads and evolves, men have begun contributing by confessing to their misdeeds. It is a motivating trend as it eradicates some of the women’s burdens who are under pressure to speak out. In addition, it aimed to benefit those who were not ready to participate in the movement. To this end, many women are on the fence about the “Me Too Movement” that was believed to bring a complete change in the culture of sexual assault. Therefore, this paper breaks down this movement using three major themes; networks and networking, identity and community, and participatory culture. The Internet Awareness Campaign #MeToo Introduction The “Me Too” hashtag commences with the allegations of Harvey Weinstein, a movie producer who faces cases of harassment, abuse, rape, and intimidation that stormed the media. It has been traveling across the universe since October 2017, which motivated and encouraged other women facing similar issues to speak up (Bohrer, 2017). Therefore, the hashtag “Me Too” implies that women from across the globe have united to confess on previous sexual harassments. They have used

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