The Importance of Understanding one’s Ancestry

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The Importance of Understanding one’s Ancestry Everyone is curious about knowing their origin at some given time in life. This urge is even stronger when the history has been hidden from them or is inaccessible. Such cases happen to those of who were either adopted, lost their parents when young, or parents and family members have been too busy to educate the young about their cultural backgrounds. Culture defines our ethics, moral stability, identity and particular beliefs. Most of the times, the origin is backdated when one experiences some exceptional happenings such as diseases, unaccounted deaths, defects at birth, peculiar genetic disorders or unique talents. At such times, the family must come together to get to the bottom of the problem which involves assessing the past annals. This forms what is referred as genealogy. Some people consider it as a hobby while others are obsessed by the urge to understand themselves. However, the large percentage digs for their origins out of curiosity. Our ancestry may mean a lot to us. At times, they define the lives one is experiencing, the challenges they face and unique traits that they possess. Whether out of curiosity or coercion to search for particular answers, genealogy can be a source of inspiration or satisfaction. Although it may be disturbing to learn some of the histories about our dynasties, knowing a bit of that history could help find solutions to a lot of disturbing questions and make previously seemingly hard to admit conclusions. People often say that if they're good at something their parents were good at it too and that their talent for it is just "in their blood." This paper assesses the significance of

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