The Human Capital Wastage Revised 2

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The Wastage of Human Capital: Addressing the Misuse of Immigrant Skills and capacities Submission to the ministerial office, at federal, state/ level /Senate Standing Committee PO Box 123 City State code Date ATTN: Title of Authority the research is addressing Introductory Cover letter TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN Dear sir/Madam Good Start is a non-profit institution which is funded by the aims which dates back the arrival and desire of Migrant population in our country. We work towards assisting NESB regarding their settlement in Australia. Together we advocate for an efficient settlement and migration plans for the arrivals of new migrants. The firm contributes in creating “productive, harmonious and diverse society” as the Department of Social Service stipulates in the act of 2016. The analyst and creator of this report is a social work Professional. Furthermore, the researcher has academic capabilities connected to financial aspects and social economics. At Good Start, my work centres around helping late NESB migrated population chasing employment, advancing fresh beginnings after migrations and settling in the community in their new nation. In addition, I facilitate the procedures of relocating new citizens in line with my knowledge. Australian migration plans swopped accentuation on pulling in skilled migratory from family related migrants and compassionate stream in the mid-1990s because of the financial weight. The accessible approach in supporting gifted migrants population is still deficient. For instance, experts explore their profession upon landing in Australia. In a perfect world, there appear to be misuse of migrating skilled workers.

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