The Homelessness Policy in the US

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The Homelessness Policy in the US. Almost every country in the world has cases of homelessness, and the United States is no different. The causes of homelessness include tragic life events such as loss of job, family disputes and divorce, the death of loved ones, and domestic violence. Such factors push those affected to live in the streets, and acknowledging them is the first step towards ending homelessness. Solving homelessness cannot take one single step, and this paper supports the adoption of HEARTH Act, which encompasses a set of practical measures for handling the matters of homelessness. It will persuade the authorities and Americans (audience members) to use this Act in providing a home to the homeless in the United States. In persuading the audience, the author uses both the Monroe Motivated Sequence and ethical concepts to give a procedural analysis of the matter at hand as well as make his stand known to the audience. In my view, the Americans should use the HEATH Act to phase out the recurrent issues of homelessness in the country. Nonetheless, the final decision of what to do in this case should come from the audience. Keywords: HEARTH Act, Homelessness, United States Monroe Motivated Sequence This system is a five-step concept which one can use to persuade an audience towards buying his/her ideas. The five stages include getting attention, establishing the need, satisfying the need, visualizing the future, and acting (actualization). A persuasion that follows this criterion has the likeliness of getting the attention of those it reaches as it presents the author’s or speaker’s view as well as give the target an outline of what to do. Below is an

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