The History of Roof Markers in the Fire service

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Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Number Date Truss Roof Markers Immediately after the death of two brave fire service men, Todd Aldridge and Mark Benge, in 1989, they saw the need to revisit and amend laws pertaining such incidences to avoid future occurrences. The duo died after the roof of a shop they were in collapsed killing everyone inside. It was not until 2008 that the issue was revived and members of the Florida House unanimously passed a bill which would later come to be called the Aldridge –Benge firefight safety act. On the 13th day of December 2009, the bill became law after being enacted by both the Florida House and the Senate (Naum 1). The law required the owners of commercial buildings, industrial structures, and multi-unit residential units to acquire roof markers that would help in identifying whether a particular type of structure is light-frame or truss-type of construction. A roof marker was in the form of a sign or symbol, and its significance and value in fire services cannot be ignored. The primary role of the roof markers was to alert the firefighters the materials which have been used to construct the roof of the house where they are addressing the emergence of a fire outbreak. However, the primary purpose was helping firefighters to change the tactics that they use to handle a fire outbreak (Naum 1). At all times, firefighters are supposed to take precautionary measures to ensure that the roof of the house that they are in does not collapse killing even the occupants. In the incidence that the house roof is categorized as light-frame based on the type of placard placed, then the team of firefighters had to exercise maximum

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