The Green Apple

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THE GREEN APPLE Name Course Date of Submission The Green Apple Technological advances are aiding in the creation of ecologically sustainable architecture particularly in the New York City. The Green Apple case study bases its arguments on the technological optimism theory as discussed in The Limits to Growth by Meadows and colleagues. The issues of concern that bring up conflicting opinions in the Green Apple revolve around pollution levels, waste production, and ecological dangers. As demonstrated in episode 2, technological advances have helped the people in the New York City to expand sustainably. The Green Apples attempts to address the concern of Meadows and colleagues that Technological Optimism can be dangerous to the environment. The Green Apple insists that its Technological Optimism does not pose any danger to the environment since people can still grow within their limits. I other words, humans can utilize the advances in technology to grow within their limits. It is true that technological advances in the past have made people try to break their limits instead of trying to develop within those limits. However, times have changed, and now the New York City demonstrates that the advancement in technology neither insinuates environmental pollution nor breaking of limits. The Green Apple has made a good effort as in case study 1 to show that some claims about Technological Optimism are false and that technological advancement is providing better ways for people to achieve genuine sustainability within their limits. PBS's Design e2 of The Green Apple has shed more light on the way the New York City is leading the way of environmental sustainability

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