The Evolution Of The Hero Figure

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Student’s Name Tutor’s Name Course Date The Evolution of the Hero Figure Many hero figures have existed in different historical times. These figures impact various aspects of life in different ways. For instance, while some impact contributes to the political development of the society, others contribute socially, and culturally. From the poem ‘Beowulf,’ Beowulf is presented as a popular, legendary, strong Geatish hero (Heaney 13). From his name Beowulf which was coined from “bee-wolf,” it is clear that Beowulf was fearless and he helped his people win many wars, and his region remains peaceful. Politically, Beowulf the son of a former fierce warrior called Ecgtheow helped the people of Geatland remain harmonious as he ensured victory in all battles that they fought. For instance, while on their journey to Zealand, Beowulf together with his military of 14 men, managed to fight the Grendel warriors who attacked them. On the same note, during the historic battle against Frank, Beowulf helped in winning the war. Beowulf became the King after winning the Swedish invasion. He was crowned the king, and he successfully ruled the people of Geatland for 50 years before dying. It is inarguable that by ensuring victory, Beowulf helped the Geats maintain harmonious coexistence. This means that this hero contributed to the social development of the people. With peace in the Geatland, the people were able to proceed with their daily activities. This promoted development a factor which ensured stability in Geatland (Heaney 124). Culturally, Beowulf managed to uphold the reputation of Geatland since other warriors who were before him were fierce

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