The Ethics of Happiness

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Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Number Date The Ethics of Happiness Happiness in ethics is the ultimate goal of all human beings. Concerning the ideology behind The Ethics of Happiness, everything that people do, either painful or with pleasure contributes to the path towards achieving happiness (Weston 174). Happiness plays a significant role in human life. It is a motivating factor in activities people undertake every day. Everything we do as per our daily schedule is not to necessarily accomplish what we have planned but rather escape incidences that would otherwise make us suffer and have painful experiences. The discussion of whether the end goal of human beings is to find happiness or pleasure brings out the distinction between the two aspects. Pleasure falls as a short-term experience, and its pursuit is highly disregarded by the society since it brings out negative characteristics such as selfishness in people. However, there are good things that come out of pleasure. They include motivating one to perfect art or activity. In this case, pleasure becomes a side product of an event or activity and manifest when there are no limitations (Weston 175). Considering evolution and ethics, actions that people take are what that amount to happiness. Contrary to the evolutionary ideology where the pursuit of happiness is the critical factor in the ability of human beings to survive, the ethical perspective finds the reason behind human survival is happiness. The ethical view is correct indeed since eliminating happiness from the picture; human beings will lose the meaning of living, waking up every day or carrying out activity. In this case, it will

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