The Efficacy of Play Therapy

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The Efficacy of Play Therapy Name: Institution: The Efficacy of Play Therapy It is important to have research data supporting the effectiveness of mental health interventions for children due to their vulnerability. Research data is also important as it provides a basis for evidence-based interventions for the children. The other significance of the research data is that it helps identify the interventions that work depending on the characteristics shown by the child being observed at the moment. There are several challenges associated with researching on play therapy. Firstly, there is the challenge of developing new therapies that are based on current clinical theories before research commences. The other challenge is that therapists have to be trained on how to administer the manual for the new therapy. Furthermore, before conducting clinical trials, the therapy is administered in individual cases which may be costly in the long-run. Furthermore, play therapy research can also be time-consuming since the efficacy of the current clinical trial is compared with previous interventions (Urquiza, 2010). The other challenge is that once the play therapy has proved to be effective, it has to be tested further for its efficacy in community settings, and if it fails the process starts again. There are several things researchers can do to advance research on play therapy. Collaboration with other researchers can enhance the play therapy as they will brainstorm on the different interventions possible. Additionally, research is also enhanced by more funding of studies that aim of establishing the effectiveness of play therapy. Learning institutions can also enhance

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