The effectiveness of contraception in reduction of matrenal mortality in HIV positive patients.

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Name:Instructor’s name:Course:29 December 2016 Abstract Proper family planning using modern contraceptives is a significant intervention towards the prevention of unwanted pregnancies which aside from providing societal, familial, and personal benefits do provide health benefits. Contraception is also one of the most cost-saving techniques of lowering the burden of a mother transmitting HIV to her unborn child for women who have been infected with HIV and wish not to get pregnant. However, some issues have been raised about certain contraception methods that have the potential of reacting with certain HIV medication and increasing the chances of a person transferring the virus to her partner who might, in turn, infect her with a different strain of the virus. Once a woman is infection from a different strain of virus in an occurrence referred that scientists call superinfection, they can become resistant to otherwise effective treatment and die as a result if that, hence increasing the proportion of maternal deaths related to HIV. Therefore, it is important for one to talk to their doctor before deciding to use one contraception method over the other and ensure that one strictly adheres to her HIV treatment even as they use contraception. With this kind of integrated care, contraception plays a significant role in reducing maternal mortality and morbidity, without it, it is not very effective. Keywords: Maternal mortality, Maternal Morbidity, Contraception, Integrated care, HIV, Transmission. Effectiveness of Contraception for Reducing Maternal Morbidity and Mortality for Women Living with HIV Aids Introduction Towards the end of 2014, the world was made aware

Free The effectiveness of contraception in reduction of matrenal mortality in HIV positive patients. Essay Sample

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