the diagnosis given to Disco Di

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The Diagnosis Given To Disco Di Student’s Name Institution Affiliation The Diagnosis Given To Disco Di Introduction Abnormal behavior has been defined and described in many studies as the persistent pattern of conduct that contradicts the popularly held beliefs. It is, therefore, a matter or rarity in the society. People with rare behavior as considered as having a personality disorder (Gawda & Czubak, 2017). This is a persistent pattern of behavior that is different from the expectations of individual’s culture. In this study, a case of Disco Di, and patient previously diagnosed with a personality condition is analyzed to build a solid understanding of abnormal behavior. Preliminary analysis before research agrees with the diagnosis of Borderline Personality Behavior (BPD) given to Disco Di in her last diagnosis based on her symptomatic behavior. The objective is to identify key traits of personality behavior useful in diagnosis and also those that can help differentiate one BPD from other personality disorders that tend to have overlapping signs. Finally, the study will use a theoretical framework to identify the best treatment for Disco Di’ disorder. Diagnostic Features/Differential Diagnosis The diagnosis of Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) was appropriate and effective in addressing Disco Di’s personality issues. The reason for this is that Disco Di exhibited traits such as suicidal attempts, self-harm, unstable relationship, difficulties at work and usually unstable image of self. Another disorder Disco Di could be experiencing is Major dissociative disorder (MDD). Both BPD and MDD have overlapping traits (Brand & Lanius, 2014). In the

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