The Department of Education

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Name 1 Name Prof Subject Date The Department of Education From time in memorial, the United States of America has paid close attention to the importance of education among the general population. The founding fathers believed, as does everyone today, that education leads to liberty. Currently, the United States of America edifies approximately 54 million scholars beginning starting from kindergarten to the 12th grade, and well above 17 million in universities as well as colleges, a large number of these being foreign-born. The year 2001, when the country was faced with the reality of stagnant examinations scores and what was described as an "achievement orifice" between the nation's affluent and impecunious, the then President marshaled Congress to approve the “No Child Left behind Act." The profound law made it mandatory for the country to ensure each student was provided with quality education, a step that has never been undertaken the history of the country. America has a tremendously decentralized structure of education. The 10th Amendment of 1971 of the country's Supreme Law (1787) states that the authority not prescribed to the United States by the Supreme Law, nor forbidden by it to the States, are chartered to the States respectively, or to the citizens. Hence, the common jurisdiction to establish and lead is under the states. The composition of the education in America provides a variety of pathway to graduation from postsecondary institutions or high school, and it’s regular for pupils to maneuver between disparate classes of phrontistery, or to differ from the institution and come back after living outside the system. The Department of Education

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