The Dark age ahead by jane jacob

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Student’s Name Instructor’s Name Course Date The Dark Age Ahead Jane Jacobs foresees a future that experiences mass amnesia and culture loss that accompanies the collapse of civilization. In her book, “Dark Ages” readers are presented with five main pillars that are discussed in a general and more targeted approach to express the warning signs of a threaten civilization in North America. Jacobs examines the causes and pattern of reactionary doom that is to befall on the people through the eight chapters of the book. In chapter one, the book opens with the description of Dark Age and the author’s view on the ideas behind the construction of such a title. She addresses her concern about the evolving nature of human needs, lifestyle and the structure of the society towards adapting to the new western culture. Nonetheless, in the first chapter, the author reflects ancient civilization and cultures like ancient Roman Empire and some ancient cultures like the Lascaux cave painting. In agonizing tone, the author presents her fear and worry of what has befallen the modern society and their future after the arrival of technology and shift in cultures. She states the “…living culture is forever changing losing itself…” (Jacobs 15). Hereby, Jacobs expresses her worry of the collapsing state of affairs were ancient cities, lifestyle and cultures are being abandoned without proper adjustment to the current state, leading to darker ages in the near future. In her second chapter, the author addresses the weakening ties within modern families. In her view, families play a significant role in raising the future generation. Therefore, the failure of

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