The Covenant

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Title Name Institution Tutor name Date Just like a father loves his son, so did God choose and love the Israelites. After 400 years of captivity in Egypt, God used stunning miracles to deliver them (Exodus 20:11 the King James Version). God also portrayed His love for the Israelites by making them triumph over their enemies. As a chosen race, God expected the Israelites to be righteous and holy. Exodus 19:6 refers to Israelites as “a holy nation.” However, the Israelites evidently defied God, especially in the face of hardship. Covenants between the Israelites and God were meant to foster obedience among the Israelites. The nature of God’s covenant with Israel The Mosaic covenant was made on Mount Sinai to guide the Israelites to walk in righteousness (Venema, 2010). The agreement specified God`s blessings for the Israelites. Nonetheless, the blessings would only befall those who obeyed God`s commands. The Messianic Kingdom was the ultimate destiny of the obedient (Venema, 2010). On the contrary, those who disobeyed the commands would be cursed and go to hell. God set the conditions of the covenant. Unlike the previous covenants like Abrahamic covenant, the Sinai covenant was characterised by adequate preparation; it was a conditional covenant. God sent Moses to inform the Israelites how to prepare. Apart from washing their garments, the Israelites were also expected to refrain from sexual relations (Exodus 19:15). All other ceremonies that would cause uncleanliness were avoided. The people must be pure and clean when they present themselves to God. Boundaries were marked around Mount Sinai to restrict the people from coming too close to God

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