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The Country Yemen Institution of Affiliation Student’s Name Course Date The Country Yemen Abstract This paper explores the global development and specifically Yemen. The country has been listed to be among the poorest country in the Middle East despite being the second largest in terms of the size. In the study, discussion is made on the geographical location of the country and the climate associated to Yemen. To understand and have an insight of the country, various graphs are used to explain the economic development of the country by relating the progress of many years. Social indicators such as education, health, and internet are discussed in the paper. To understand on the population distribution of Yemen, several indicators of the pollution have been covered which include the fertility rate, sex ratio during the birth, reproduction rate, and the baby mortality rate. Under GDP, statistical data is provided to show both the highest and the lowest values, as well as the progressive in GDP from previous to the last date where the information is updated. Finally, the paper has a comprehensive conclusion, which summarizes the findings, and the content discussed. Introduction Yemen is one of the developing countries and the poorest in the Middle East. It is under the leadership of president Ali Abdullah that the country was described to be kleptocracy whereas the leader participated in exploiting the resources belonging to the public and using for his good. According to the statistics conducted in 2009 by critics, the country was ranked to be 164 out of 184 countries, which were surveyed. (Karaman 2011) Therefore, I chose Yemen in discussing global

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