The Cost of Doing Security Business

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Name: Instructor’s Name: Course Details: Date of Submission: Information Security. ‘There have been problems of information leakages everywhere since most of the information is carried on our devices such as laptops and Smartphones. Correspondences and junk mail containing residual media may be accidentally rerouted or dropped with sensitive documents into the dumpster. These accidental leaks are not uncommon, and governments have passed numerous laws imposing massive fines on organizations that lose customer data. ‘There are federal guidelines and policies to be considered when adjusting one's security on information protection. One vulnerability that has been analyzed is administrative security controls whereby it includes all the procedures put in place by an organization to improve information security and make sure it can recover when danger strikes.’ (Wallace, P. 2018, p.294-306).The processes and policies are used to control the employee’s access to the company’s mainframe that contains the information needed. Administrative controls improve information security which is passed on from the company to its clients and employees. The administrative controls one established for their computer depository network will help protect the information assets. Example of this is when one turns off their computer, they minimize the risk of exposure to intrusion attempts while saving energy too. The organization must include a comprehensive incident response plan with which the employees can use to describe and compartmentalize the threats by understanding what the cause is, maintaining the evidence and restoring the online company infrastructure to get the

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