The Coordinated Management Of Meaning Theory Claims

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Student name Tutor Course Date The Coordinated Management of Meaning Theory Claims The Coordinated Management of Meaning (CMM) Theory by Barnet Pearce and Vernon Cronen shows that communication is an essential tool for any person. It also explains that people involved in a conversation can recreate their realities and also be shaped at the same time by the new world they are creating in that conversation. Furthermore, the theory has one central assumption that any communication will continue to impact the people who were involved in it even after it is over. This is because our conversation can affect our social lives (Pearce and Cronen 68). Although this theory is based on constructivism, it mainly focuses on the communication perspective rather than the drivers that are responsible for creating our social realities. The CMM theory contains four claims or tenets that describes it. The first claim is that "our communication creates our social world." In essence, the principle means that it is the experience of the people who are involved in any conversation that is considered as the main or essential process in the conversation. So, communication in itself is not only the way people get to share their experiences, but it is the means by which we get to shape them. Furthermore, this theory suggests through this claim that people’s exchanges are the basic building blocks of their social worlds or situations. This belief of people co-creating their social world is termed as social constructionism. It is about what is being made by the conversation rather than what it means it. The second claim suggests that "the stories we tell differ from the stories we

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