The Conviction To Lead

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Leadership and Management Leadership and Management Introduction Management and leadership are different concepts. While management requires diligence, organization, determination, and abstraction, leadership is about human contact and motivation. The distinction between the two is easy to miss, mainly since managers often occupy leadership positions. Since the outcomes of management depend on effective leadership, most managers master leadership skills. The importance of leadership also rises to self-perception because most people have a natural inclination towards leadership. By offering characteristics of leadership and its effects on the leader and the audience, Dr. Mohler shows the practical differences between leadership and management. Summary The book The Conviction to Lead: 25 Principles for Leadership That Matters by Dr. Albert Mohler explores the characteristics of good leadership practices. Dr. Mohler is coming from a background of the strong emphasis on leadership and management. Consequently, the book’s purpose is to transform the reader’s perception of leadership. Initially, the approach includes a demonstration of the overabundance of leadership books in all settings from religious institutions to airports. From the observation, Dr. Mohler notes a strong affinity in the community to read about leadership and improve personal leadership approaches. In particular, Dr. Mohler notes that the American golden age of management increased the emphasis on leadership skills. The reference to management in a leadership context, including the failure of managers to transfer successful business strategies into national leadership, shows a big gap

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