The Clean Air Act

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The Clean Air Act Student’s name Institution The Clean Air Act is a legislative law passed by the US government in 1963 in a bid to rein air pollution. Though originally set on that date, the law has seen changes a majority of which took place between 1970 and 1990. The act aims at pollution reduction through of pollutants present in the air and control of those sources that traceable. In the US Code, it is incorporated as the 42nd Title, chapter 85. As it was writ, it availed research to aid in the filed while at the same time encouraging the creation of state agencies as a means for control. This law also included provisions in which the government (federal) was involved in interstate incidences. However, it is the 1970 amendment that formed the platform of the air pollution control policy. The last amendments were done in 1990 create a means to address areas that had previously been without regulation such as the ozone layer depletion. States were required to be the enforcers of the act. In this Act, there was created an Environment Protection Agency (EPA) tasked with the improvement of the country’s air quality on to of monitoring it. This body had a legal mandate to establish programs dealing with research related to air pollution, the setting of standards, extensive technical assistance and enforcement of any and all regulations. Additionally, this agency had a directive to create National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS), a body dealing with control from the human perspective. NAAQS was to deal with primary pollutants which had a direct effect on health and secondary ones that affected human welfare. On top of these revisions, the 1990 reforms

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