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the group members, they might decide to withdraw from the group or decide to remain silent in the group and not contribute in the communication in any way since they will see it as a way of interfering with their privacy. Most of the participants may try as a much as possible not to give the real information concerning their details to maintain their privacy and to avoid the exposure to the public who are the members of the...

the top-rated gyms in the Northwest. 3To continue to provide you with the best equipment and programs, your feedback is needed. 5However, more individual attention could be given by us to our customers if our peak usage time could be extended. 11To encourage you to stay later, security cameras for our parking area are being considered by my partner and me. 12Cameras for some inside facilities may also be added. 13This matter has been given considerable thought. 17By completing this questionnaire, your workouts and training sessions can be better planned so that you can enjoy exactly the equipment and trainers you prefer. Fragment sentences 11To encourage you to stay later, security cameras for our...

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the methods used to do exercise is chin-up. A chin-up is a form of pull-up that involves the use of the back and arms where the biceps muscles are involved in carrying the whole body with the chin above the device being held. Some of the muscles involved during the chin-up are the stabilizer, the synergists as well as the prime mover. The following are the examples of stabilizer, synergist, and the prime mover muscles. Synergist muscles: these muscles which are found in the arms and the back. They include the Biceps muscles, rhomboids, deltoids, trapezii and several other small muscles found on the arms and back to support latissimi dorsi for a complete full pull-up. Stabilizer muscles: these are...