The Book of Genesis.

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Name: Course: Title: Task: Date: The Book of Genesis Genesis is the first book in the Hebrew Bible. It is also the first among the five books of law also known as Torah. There has been a lot of debate on who wrote the book of Genesis, with the tradition crediting it to Moses while the modern scholars believe that it was written by various scholars between the 5th and 6th century, who were also an eyewitness of what was happening. The book was not written to specific people but for all to follow the act as instructed by the readings. It is sometimes referred to as "seed-plot" of the whole Bible since most of Bible's doctrines are introduced in the Genesis in "seed form." The book addresses the doctrine of creation, depravity, sin imputation, atonement among many other things. There is no specific time when the book of Genesis was written, but it is estimated that It was written between 1440 and 1400 B.C, the period when Moses led the children of Israelites from Egypt and the time of his death. The book of Genesis was originally written on many clay tables which Moses later came to combine (Sewell, 2001). The book of Genesis was originally written in Hebrew language but later written in other languages as people get to understand the content and showed interest in the religion. The book of Genesis addresses the relationship between God and man. This is evidence by various doctrines included in this book such as creation story, the fall of man, as well as the stories of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. These doctrines answer the question as to what the book was addressing. The significance of these teachings is that people can teach themselves the law of God and

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