the book heart of darkness showed the humanization of the other

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Your name Teacher’s name Class Date Humanization in the Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness Joseph Conrad’s The Heart of Darkness is primarily characterized by the demonstration of the vast depravity of human beings. Set in the heart of Congo, the title accurately describes how the author through the main character Marlow sees the land. In the first, Conrad already presents the country which in reality is known for spectacular beauty as a place where the air was dark above the Gravesend. Through the eyes of Marlow, Conrad exclaims that the place spelled mournful gloom that was condensed and brooded motionless over this great town. (Conrad 1) From the onset, the author thus concentrates on expressing the cruelty and inhumanity of individuals at the station and across the stops of the sail. However, like every epic literary narrative, the author does not succumb to pure doom. Conrad’s triumph emerges through Marlow and Kurtz through whom he expresses humanization and the persistence of positive character amidst any density of evil. Man hearts desires what is truly beautiful. It desires truth, justice, knowledge, and love. The truest expression of humanity is thus the acknowledgment of something that is beautiful. Although Marlow likens the area around him with the grave, his heart expresses a yearning for communion with the dazzling beauty around him. He expresses the desire with which each one of them stared into the area around them. The captain too seemed to forget that his work was in the gloomy shadows behind them as the beauty of the sun's reflection in the water and the banks around them became more profound. (Conrad 2) From the beginning, Conrad thus

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