The Bear Came Over the Mountain

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The Bear Came Over the Mountain Student’s Name Institution Affiliation The Bear Came Over the Mountain Nothing done can prepare one for this kind of illness and the isolation. The memory of family and friends is gone, and no one you ever knew is there. Alzheimer's is a cognitive disorder that affects memory function and behavior patterns. The writing "The Bear Came Over the Mountain" (McGill, 2008) and the movie Away from Her (Lister, 2013), portray similar points. Even though both the short Story and the film have the Alzheimer’s Disease in common, Munro’s story depicts how the lifetime sexually immoral deeds of a spouse who also happened to be a respected university professor hurts and undermines his partner that she uses her memory loss as a way to abandoning Grant, taking her revenge, and restating herself. The movie, on the contrary, creates a tale where a husband is unable to withstand the loss of his partner such that his devotion leads him to give her whatever would make her happy in the nursing home she strangely escaped to in order to convince her to express her lasting affection and desire for the husband (McGill, 2008). This paper seeks to look at the similarities and differences in the Short Story and the movie and to explain the irony in both works. The story is mainly told from Grant's point of view and intel how a mental disorder can change and complicate life. Grant and Fiona Anderson have been married forty plus years. Grant notices Fiona slowly losing her memory, which seems like Alzheimer and is not mentioned, nor ever diagnosed by a healthcare professional. Her behaviors did not make sense to Grant ("Ellen And Jim Have A Blog, Too:

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