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Benefits of Walking Distance Grocery Store Name Institution Affiliation How many of us have ever complained about the walking distance grocery store that exists around the University? I know most of us have complained either to the student leaders or just amongst ourselves. For your information, these walking distance grocery has several benefits to us as students that we might not be aware of and also to the community that surrounds the institution. Most of these importances are not known to the students or in most cases they are being ignored by the students (Katz & Fischer, 2015). Let us see some of the benefits of these walking distance grocery stores. Some of the reasons why the grocery is situated at a specific location are to enable it to offer its services to the community that lives around the institution as well as the students in Maryland College Park. It would be very difficult for the community to access the grocery in case it was situated in the institution. Another important factor why the grocery is situated at a walking distance is to give it room to get more customers even when the students are on holiday (Brembeck, Hansson & Vayre, 2016). During the holiday the institution get closed and therefore accessing the institution becomes very difficult for the outsiders especially those who are not staff members of the institution and for that matter the grocery store has advantage when it is located outside the institution where the students can easily walk and pick whatever they would like to as well as the community. And also the location of the grocery store outside the institution enables the seller to continue with the business even during

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