The attitude-behavior relationship (Albert Bandura)

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Relationships and the Factors that Influence it Student’s Name Partner’s Name Institutional Affiliation Course Name Date Abstract Relationship refers to the ways in which two or more objects, individuals or concepts are linked. As stated earlier on, there is a list of settings to which different attitudes and behaviors can describe and alter a particular relationship. The related influence of behavior and attitude on a relationship is the social setting. Attitude relies on one’s belief, and the past experience that might either be positive or negative. The effects are easily observable and the relationship can either be good or bad depending on the influence in which the relationship in setting receives CITATION Ken16 l 1033 (Cherry, 2016). Attitude also affects the way a particular individual, object or an artificial entity behaves, this connection, in turn, affects the way connected parties relate. Attitude and relationship are related since attitude can affect the way in which people relate to each other. Therefore, understanding attitude helps one to understand relationships both positive ones and negative ones. Relationships and the Factors that Influence it The way human beings relate is influenced by special factors. It is for this reason that an individual will be motivated to have a positive attraction towards another because of the characteristics to which this attracting party portrays. This research essay seeks to describe how both attitude and behavior influence the way we reason, the way we perceive others, the way we treat others, and eventually the way people relate to each other as an implication of behavior and attitude we portray.

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