the Albedo Impact Revised 2

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The Albedo Impact Student: Institution: Abstract Albedo effect occurs due to the reflection of sun’s energy when it lands on several surfaces. Melting of different ice blocks under certain conditions can explain this phenomenon. The impact of this phenomenon differs based on the kind of surface. It causes affects change in climate in different ports of the world. Introduction The Albedo effect causes climate change. Scales of measurement are from 0 - 1. Zero indicates no reflection (black surface) of sun’s energy. 1 shows that it is there (white areas). It is argued that Albedo works differently on various surfaces depending on the degree of darkness of the platforms (Bonan, 2008). To prove this assertion, an experiment is done to answer this question,” Does the albedo effect operate the same on different surfaces?” Materials The materials used were 4pairs of ice blocks, which are: black and blue, black and white, all of the same size, the third one with a more significant black block than the blue one, and the fourth one with a dark and translucent ice cubes. A stop watch was also present. Temperature source (sunlight) Procedure 1.Heat the first two chunks of ice and record the time taken for each block to melt. 2. Perform the same procedure for the third and the fourth pairs of ice blocks respectively Results In the first set of experiment, the white block took a little more time to melt than the black one in the first pair. The results of the experiment for the second pair indicated a similar condition whereby the black chunk melted hastily than the blue one. The black ice block melted at the same time with the blue one in the third pair. In

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