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Textbook Name Institution Textbook Abstract Many scientists have discovered that biosocial nature of behavior takes place in the area of adaptation and stress (Vaughn, Michael, Matt, and Holly, 2014). Researchers have found that poverty is one of the significant factors which cause a lot of health risks to individuals. Researchers found that poverty acts as a stress inducer which programs the victim's body. For example, in "Sing Unburied Sing” Ward (2017) talks about a place called Bois Sauvage where being poor and black is a problem. Jesmyn says that the ones sent to the farm are the poor, the blacks or the unlucky whites. The farm has evolved superficially from the previous days where it operated as a plantation. The book proves that poverty and racism can cause stress to an individual. It also discusses how different individuals try to cope with stress conditions in the text. The paper will address various stressors of poverty and how they affect people in psychological and physiological ways. Keywords: Cancer; stress; drugs; physiological Textbook Wards novel talks about JoJo and his young sister who live with their mom, pop and grandparents. Pop who manages the homestead tends to the pigpen, chicken coop and goats yard with unequivocal correctness (Ward, 2017). Pop hopes to teach young JoJo with these belongings so that he can grow to become a man. JoJo’s mum Leonie has cancer, but she still works to satisfy her children’s needs. She has a white husband whom she loves so much. Leonie sells drugs using the route at Parchman where she can sell and stand a better chance to score. Kyla becomes sick on, and JoJo is the only one who can help her. Leone

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