Test of Hypothesis

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Test of Hypothesis Student’s Name Institute Affiliation Test of Hypothesis 1) The null hypothesis (H0) is that children who learn to read using phonics read better. The alternative hypothesis (Ha) states that children who are not taught using phonics do not study better. This is an example of a one-tailed test. 2) If a researcher decides to use a 0.01 level of significance instead of the standard 0.05, he or she is likely to make a type II error whereby, the null hypothesis is not rejected yet it is false (Taylor, 2012). This type of error is usually controlled by the level of significance chosen. By choosing a 0.05 confidence level means that the chance of going for the false null hypothesis is 5% whereas, by choosing a 0.01 level of significance, that probability reduces to 1%. 3) a.) Yes, it exceeds 3.0. b.) Mean for enjoying nature exceeds 3.5. c.) Preference for outdoor experience is same for both males and female. d.) The importance attached to v2 and v6 is not the same. e.) The respondents valued enjoying nature compared to the weather. f.) Less importance is attached by the respondents when it comes to meeting other people contrast to relating to weather. g.) Exercising regularly is preferred to living in harmony with the environment. h.) Yes, importance differs between v2 and v6 when variables are treated as ordinal. i.) Yes, there is more attachment to relating to weather than meeting other people. 4) To analyze the given problem, the best technique to use would be the multiple regression analysis. It will enable the employer to develop a weighting estimating equation for the workers that will forecast values of dependent variables using the

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