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Student’s Name: Professor’s Name: Course: Date: English Colonial Development in the New World Introduction The English colonization of the New World involved people from England and Scotland migrating and colonizing America. Virginia was the first contact state between Englishmen and Americans. After that, colonization further spread to other parts of the United States. The British colonized the Americans where they spread their economic and military might. The English colonizers found diverse things in the Americas which they were not used to in Europe. These included land ownership, game, and different species of trees. Life in North America had a different lifestyle which the colonizers were not used to. Some of the aspects that the British brought to the New World include food culture, language, and religious patterns. English culture to the New World is one of the important influences of the colonization. Other aspects of the influence of the New World include military, development of governments, and movement of goods. The nature of the first English settlements During the 18th-century, the British settled in the Americas. They became the most prominent colonizers of the New World and defeated the French, Spanish, Italians, among other colonizers. Most English people migrated to the Americas in comparison to the Dutch, French, and Spanish (Gallup 46). Many colonies were established which made many immigrants to settle in the New World. During the 16th-century, England developed a high population growth. Therefore, the colonies were a welcoming haven for the increased population. People were encouraged to emigrate from the Old World to the New World

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