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term debts and is not risking bankruptcy. Asset Management Asset management is how the company controls it cash, manages the opportunities and risks to maintain a healthy asset base. The asset management of Strong Tie Ltd can be analyzed using its asset turnover ratio which shows how the company is using its assets to generate income. Asset turnover= Sales / Total assets. In 2006 the turnover over was 1.41, there was no change in the value in 2007 and 1.31 in 2008. Despite the decrease in 2008, the trend is steady, and this shows Strong Tie Ltd has good asset management. Profitability The profitability of the company can be assessed using the profit margin which indicates the capability of...

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termining the average number of cups coffee that the customers at my friends’ coffee shop take every evening. The number often varies depending on the weather condition of the evening, normally when it is too cold, more cups are likely to be sold and on the contrary on a normal day the sales do not shoot up. The average cups of coffee sold at the shop is 100 cups. This is a two-tailed hypothesis because by using the term "is" it means that the term should be equal to the number. On a typical evening, the shop sales averages at 100 cups and this may be less on a day when the sales are not very good, however on days when the weather is so cold the number of cups sold may increase. Therefore, our...