Technology and violence

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Student Name: Course Instructor: Course code: Date: Technology and Violence Technology is the application of scientific knowledge for purposes that are practical for example applied sciences and engineering. Violence is a behavior that involves a force that is an intention to hurt someone emotionally, damage someone physically or kill someone or something (Shaw 245). Technology can be a tool to bring violence and war example through cluster bombs and guided missiles. Besides, the early forms of technologies used for violence included swords and clubs. There have been rampant advancements in the sector, especially in the military among nations across the world. Nevertheless, technology plays a part in creating and maintaining peaceful coexistence among in the society and across the world. On the other hand, it can be a tool for peace and development such as for construction, transport and communication development. The discussion expounds on how technology has advanced on tools that have been used to bring conflict and war among countries. Technology in context Technologies are pieces of hardware used for various functions in the society. The most common hardware used in warfare are cars and ammunition. All the technologies used are social since they apply the interaction of people and environment. It is therefore correct to refer technology as a concept involving artifacts and social aspects. Artifacts include cars, ammunitions while common notions include the military and other armed groups who distort world’s peace. Exploring technology and violence calls for cross interaction with social contexts which include violence itself as well as peace and

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