Technology Advancement

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Technology Advancement Name Institution Affiliation Summary In the year 2017, the technologists have had several challenges that are very remarkable for instance the issue of fake news that was trending on social media. In 2018 there is going to be an improvement in the area of Artificial Intelligence. For example, there is going to be an introduction of AI apps that are smarter than the existing AIs. The main aim of these AI apps will be to improve the productivity of the IT services (Markarian, 2018). There will also be an adjustment in the use of the clouds to keep data. Those who shall have used the clouds effectively as their data platform will be the winners of the use of the clouds. The technologists will have to advance their ways of managing the information in the business by securing the data in the organizations. Similarly, the micro-services should be used sparingly so that they don’t bother to the businesses so much. The IT personnel will be informed on how to build their applications by the help of the gravity of data. And also there should be an appropriate way that can be used in 2018 to analyze data for efficient hardware utilization as well proper utilization of the internet of things. Analysis According to the 2018 plans, there will be a great change in the IT industry from, for instance, the AI will upgrade their services to the use of AI apps. The storage of the data in the clouds will be very competitive, and the winner to use them effectively will carry the day thereby improving on the security of the information stored in the cloud (Markarian, 2018). And also the security is likely to improve in the New Year through other ways.

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