Technologies positive impact on education

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Student’s Name Professor Name Course: Date The growth and absorption of technology into the educational system has prompted into diversified positive consequences right from the academic to co-academic aspects of education. Coming with excellent efficiency, convenience, efficacy and all manner of goodies, it comes with equal amount of proscribed consequences into the system on the students and teachers as elaborated below; Facilitated quicker research; Through the technological invention and more so the flourishing use of websites to dump information by several scholars and study groups, research has become more effective and efficient. The students and teachers quickly have access to information they need immediately at hand from the domains and search engines. Learning and gaining knowledge, therefore, have turned out to be quicker as compared to the previous pre-technological era where research and access to information significantly depended on published hard books. Furthermore, the technology as insinuated by Edger has granted more accuracy in academic processes and procedures such as chemical or physical practical through video YouTube (Wayne A. Wiegand 49). The concept of YouTube has bolstered the efficiency and better grasp of concepts since all the steps and dictums are viewed and replayed for excellent value. Through technological advancements, global and long distance learning has become a realistic dream. With the technology of computer and the internet, long distance learning has improved and become more comfortable to facilitate with more efficacy. Sharing of learning materials, booking of classes and attending online courses has gained a greater

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