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Myers-Briggs Personality Type Tool Name Institution Team building exercise using MBTI tool After evaluating the Myers- Briggs Personality Type Indicator, I was able to determine my personality type to be ISFP. What this means is that am an introvert (I), in that I focus mainly on my inner world. It also means am a sensible(S) person meaning I prefer to focus on basic information which I take in. It also means that being guided by feeling (F) in that I initially look at special circumstances and of course people while making decisions. Finally, it means that am a perceiving (P) person in that I prefer to be open to the new options and information while dealing with the outside world. There are various ways through which I can incorporate other personality types in team building exercises in our pediatric hospital. Different individuals tend to have different personality types (Furnham, 2017). Therefore, it is necessary for one to learn how to incorporate these personality types to make the team building exercise a success. One of the team building exercises which I would like to introduce into our pediatric hospital is a game which is called the asset balloons. The game creates a great opportunity for interaction of individuals of different personality types. The game utilizes balloons whereby vital assets to maintaining effective functionality of the hospital are written on the balloons. The assets labels could be like "Empathy on a patient." On twosuccessive balloons, one asset is labeled, and the balloons are distributed randomly. People with the matching balloon that is labeled with the similar asset are instructed to find each other whereby they

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