tattoos and piercings in the workplace

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Name: Course: Instructor: Date: Tattoos and Piercing in the Workplace The trend of having tattoos and piercings has been increasing over time mainly among the youth. It is a way they express themselves or identify themselves with certain groups. Some also use tattoos to convey certain messages to whoever stares at them. It, therefore, inquiries that the tattoo is drawn in visible parts of the body or whoever has the tattoo must stick to attire that exposes it for the message to be conveyed clearly. Most employers have always wanted to employ people with good physical appearance to represent their businesses and therefore having tattoos in the workplace is not okay in the workplace. Of course, not all tattoos and piercings are the same or have the same meaning or convey the same message. Some tattoos are vulgar or have the scary appearance, allowing tattoos in the workplace will mean that all tattoos are accepted. The employer may have the option of choosing which tattoo to take and which one does not accept because it leads to discrimination at the workplace. Therefore it means that even the vulgar tattoos will have to be accepted and this is not what an employer would want to portray to his or her customers. However, there are some companies around the world that allow tattoos and piercings as long as they are not offensive. Piercing can be authorized though not for every worker. Ear piercing is okay for the ladies, but the men should avoid piercing if they are to work in a professional organization that cares about their appearance to the clients (Miller 628). Some might argue that the tattoos can be covered by wearing certain types of clothes. I acknowledge

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