Taoism Reflection Paper

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Taoism Reflection Paper Name Institutional Affiliation Date The picture under review presents a reflection of a serene and harmonious existence. On the lower left side, there are two structures. These are likely to be Taoism temples. Although Taoism is not restricted to philosophy, doctrine and religion, there are still more than 5000 of its temples across China ("Taoism Origins, Taoism History, Taoism Beliefs", 2018). The right-hand side of the picture and the upper horizon depicts trees and hills. The grey painting of the image gives it a soft and sombre appearance. When one looks at the picture, their gaze is drawn to the horizon beyond the photo. All these factors emphasize the Taoism religion. Taoism is a system of beliefs that exemplifies unity of life. Adherents are encouraged to live their lives according to what corresponds with their hearts. According to the beliefs, no one owns anything. Each believer is a passerby who is a custodian of everything around him. For this reason, a temple that represents human worship is put alongside the calm and serene nature. It is a place where a person can live his or her natural instincts. It rejects the temptations to live with the excesses of the modern world that masks individual’s inner needs. At the same time, the image presents the idea that the current world is not the final destination for man. Though beautiful and lovable, one must always fix there gaze into a future. Taoism recognizes a system of gods and goddesses although it does not have a distinct deity that is omniscient, omnipresent and omnipotent. Its philosophy insists that all things must be lived with the awareness that human beings do not

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