tanning bed pros and cons

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Title: Tanning Beds Pros and Cons Author’s Name Author’s affiliation Date Tanning beds are devices that emit ultraviolet rays to give a person a cosmetic tan, that is, a golden skin color. This tool is a bed where an individual lay in for a certain amount of time. This invention has taken the world of beauty by a storm. However, there has been a controversy over the overall benefits of the tanning bed. There are several benefits gained from using a tanning bed. Artem argues that like the sun, a tanning bed increases the level of Vitamin D in our bodies (2014). This vitamin enables the body to maintain healthy levels of phosphorus and calcium in the blood. Consequently, it allows development of healthy teeth and bones. Also, tanning beds can cause relief dermatitis and psoriasis skin diseases. However, this treatment requires supervision from medical personnel. Conversely, tanning beds have many disadvantages to human beings. This device has been known to cause cancer. Melanoma is a lethal form of skin cancer caused by the UV rays emitted by the tanning beds (Kulas, 2017). Also, tanning beds can cause premature aging caused by the beams. Furthermore, exposure also leads to eye cataracts, photo conjunctivitis, and low immunity. Kulas also argues that the cosmetic tanning causes sunburns to individuals with sensitive skin (2017). It can even cause allergic reactions which manifest as red, itchy rashes. In summary, tanning beds seem to have more adverse disadvantages compared to the benefits. It does not look like an ingenious method of getting a tan. Furthermore, a short time of having beautiful skin is not worth years of battling cancers and other health

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