Systemic racism in the criminal justice system

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Student’s name Instructor’s name Sociology Date Systemic Racism in the Criminal Justice System The justice system has been affected by cases of systemic racism in the past decade. Recently, Black Lives Matter movement highlighted how blacks were being targeted by white police officers across the country. The Fergusson incident was never an isolated case, illustrating the existence of systemic racism in the justice system. The prisons department has indicated that more blacks and other younger minority races are the majority in the US prisons. The revelations support findings that blacks are likely to engage in crime that whites. However, the study failed to take into consideration the economic conditions and literacy levels among different races. Blacks have over the years felt neglected and hated in the society, fueling social discord among different races among the US populace (Roberts 261). Donald Trump’s euphoric win has sent jitters across all undocumented residents, demonstrating that the Trump’s supposed policies risk destroying thousands of people’s lives across the nation. Systemic racism implies continuous discrimination against people of colour across all facets of the society. The constitution initially discriminated against blacks, by describing that blacks were the property of the whites. Racial bias against blacks has been entrenched in the US, illustrating that more prisoners are blacks, yet blacks are the minority population in the society. Moreover, federal laws limiting people to vote due to their previous crimes has also affected blacks more than other races. The instances illustrate the existence of systemic racism in the society.

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