Synthesis of a Fruity Ester Week 2

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Synthesis and Characterization of a Novel Fruity Ester Background An ester is a chemical compound in which at least one hydroxyl group is replaced by O-alkyl group. Esters are formed from an interaction between carboxylic acid and alcohol. Esters are viable compounds which have different commercial and biological implications. Glycerides and triglycerides are important biological esters. These compounds are esters of fatty acids with glycerol. Glycerides and triglycerides are one of the main classes of lipids. Different animal fats and vegetable oils are comprised of glycerides and triglycerides. Phosphoesters forms the major structural backbone of nucleic acids. The molecular weights of these esters are usually high. The molecular weight of the ester depends on upon the alcohol from which it is formed. On the other hand, low molecular weight esters are commercially used for manufacturing fragrances and are also found in essential oils. Nitro-glycerin is an example of an ester that is used for manufacturing explosives. Polyesters are used in the production of clothes and fabrics. Volatile esters are acknowledged for their fruity odors. The typical fragrance and flavor of fruits/flowers are attributed to a mixture of esters. The mixture of esters present in a natural fruit/flower is difficult to duplicate. Hence, fruits and flowers are often recognized by their natural fragrance and flavor. The present article represented the process of synthesis of a fruity ester and its identification through infrared spectroscopy and its characteristic boiling point. Review of Literature Although the natural flavor of a mixture of esters is hard to duplicate,

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