Sylvia Mathews Burwell

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Sylvia Mathews is one of the female Executive in the US government. Sylvia Mathews is a professional politician. She has been political offices for an extended period. In 1992, she volunteered to work on Bill Clinton’s campaign for US presidency. Sylvia led the economic team for Bill Clinton’s team before the inauguration. In Bill Clinton’s government, she worked as the deputy chief of staff responsible for policy giving. Currently, Sylvia Mathews is cabinet secretary of health and human services (Groff, 2015). Her roles as the cabinet secretary revolve within health concerns in the USA. It is her duty to advice the president on issues that pertains to health and welfare of the state. Sylvia’s office executes orders and approves programs about health in the US (Hampton, 2014). As the head of the health cabinet, Sylvia has the duty of informing the public on the objectives health and human service department (Corbin, 2016). According to Groff (2015), Sylvia Mathew is 50 years old; her birthday is on 23rd of August 1966 in West Virginia. Sylvia is married to Stephen Burwell. She has been for nine years (since 2007).She is also a mother of two children. Sylvia Mathews went to Harvard University, Oxford and Worcester College (Health & Human service Department, 2016). Mathew was a leader from an early age. She became the president of the student’s body while still in high school. In 1987, Sylvia attained Bachelor’s degree in government from the University of Harvard (Groff, 2015). From Oxford University, she studied bachelor’s degree in philosophy, politics, and economics. Throughout the history of America, mostly men have headed the position for a cabinet

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