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Worksheet on Support for Free Speech Analysis:   Please fill out this worksheet with regards to what you are writing for essay #1.   For one of the readings in your reading handouts (on free speech), take notes on how the author supports his or her claims. Then, further reflect on how you can better support your claims in your Free Speech essay. Compile more quotations to serve as support.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Notes on how the author supports his or her claims in one of the essays in “Are Limits on Free Speech Ever Justified?” or “Is Hate Speech Free Speech?”   Having analyzed the article above, how might you further support your claims in your free speech essay? Write your claim and how you would support it. The author’s response in the essay “are limits on free speech ever justified” is well-thought and articulated. I choose to agree that the limits are justified when you are considering. I agree with the way the school dealt with the part time lecturer whose insensitive comments about black students caused pain and unrest.   Additional quotes and examples to support your claims in your free speech essay: Using a strong language against another individual is against the rules of an

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