Supply chain partners : virginia mason & owen minor

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Name Professor Subject Date Pros and Cons of Virginia Masons Alpha Vendor Strategy A key advantage of Virginia Masons’ alpha vendor strategy is that it allows the company to deal with a single vendor. It saves time in the procurement process by ensuring that the company only works with a single point of contract. The strategy guarantees that the vendor takes more responsibility for the quality of products, as well as the consistency in the delivery process (Chick and Handfield 29). Since Virginia Masons deal with sensitive medical and health care products, the alpha vendor strategy makes it easier for the company to implement standards that should be observed by vendors. In addition, costs are significantly reduced because the company only deals with a single system. Adding new features to the system is easier because the company does not have to deal with multiple vendors at the same time. Another advantage of the alpha vendor strategy is that it ensures seamless service, which allows Virginia Masons to effectively address demands pertaining to capacity building and functionality so as to ensure high performance of the supply chain process (Chick and Handfield 32). The alpha strategy allows the company to maximize delivery of products and reduce operational expenses while providing support for innovations critical to the efficiency of the supply chain system. In addition, the vendor’s platforms can be made to match with those of Virginia Masons. Compatibility becomes critical in complex supply chain system like that of Virginia Mason. It is because the vendor can design their systems and products to work to work on the company’s platform. In turn, this

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