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Supervision Author’s Name Institution Abstract The following paper is a review of two articles that discuss supervision in the context of social work. The first article aims at showing that supervision is not politically innocent since it varies depending on context. Further, this article also indicates that resilience is not the only issue that matters when it comes to supervision since context also does matter. The author also points out that the theories adopted by social workers when applying supervision should be considerate of the context of the application. A lesson I learned from this article is that if supervision is appropriately applied in an organization, it promotes the well-being of the personnel. The second article makes use of the theory of communicative action when handling the issue of ethics expertise. The communicative action theory to points out that to attain goals, social actors have to arrive at a common understanding. The lesson I learned from the second article is that the communication approach chosen profoundly influences the relationship that emerges between a professional and a beneficiary. Adamson, C. (2012). Supervision is not politically innocent. Australian Social Work, 65(2), 185-196. Retrieved from Summary The author applies resilience literature to indicate that supervision, as applied in social work, is not an organizational or political neutral aspect since it has to be conscious of its application, purpose, and context. Social work literature further acknowledges that supervision can be applied in diverse contexts. Other than the social work profession, supervision in

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