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Name Professor Course Date Sundiata In an epic with the title Sundiata, Deriving the title from the significant character; Sundiata, Also referred to as Lion of Mali or Sogolon Djata, Though, others referred to him as Mandinka Diara (D.T Niane, 3). A story is told of the famous Konate, Full name being Nare Maghan Konate, Konate ruled Mandinka as a king, A kingdom where a king was a compelling being (D.T Niane, 6). One day Konate got a visitor, The visitor was a hunter and also a seer, And from him came forth a prophecy, Regarding the king’s heir (D.T Niane, 8). King Konate was to marry an ugly woman, And from the ugly woman, Konate would father a son, The baby could rise one day to be a mighty king, A mighty king that will rule over kings (D.T Niane, 14). King Konate already had a wife, Sassouma Berete was the king’s wife, And with Berete the king already had a son, Dankaran Toumani was the son (D.T Niane, 16). One day king Konate was visited by hunters, The hunters were two in number, They came from the kingdom of Do, With them was a woman called Sogolon, also from Do (D.T Niane, 20). The ugliest woman, A hunchbacked woman, Reminded the king of the prophecy, Yes, the hunter's prophecy (D.T Niane, 22). King Konate married Sogolon, Of her, a son was born, They got a child and named him Sundiata, Or as in the first stanza, Sunjata, Diara, or Djata (D.T Niane, 24). Sundiata had a problem that caught the eyes of the neighborhood He could not walk throughout his childhood, Not even on a walking stick, He used his four limbs like a tick (D.T Niane, 25). Sassouma developed jealousy for no matter, Showing it to both Sogolon and

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