Summary of Facts about American Transcendentalism

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American Transcendentalism Transcendentalism is a philosophical term that describes the idea of how people possess knowledge about themselves and that of the world which goes beyond what their common sense can contemplate. The knowledge of transcendentalism comes through intuition (Vartalitis 1). Facts about Transcendentalism Its formation is through a collection of different ideas from religion, social, philosophy, literature, and the American culture. It developed in the eastern United States of America during the 1820s and 1830s Transcendentalism emerged from skeptics of David Hume, Biblical criticism of Johann, Transcendental philosophy of Emmanuel Kant and Romanism Its core belief is about the goodness possessed by people and the world surrounding them The belief focuses on subjective intuition rather than empiricism It developed after the Unitarianism started controlling Harvard University Transcendentalism is not in contrary with Unitarianism rather; it has parallel ideas to Unitarianism Has the belief that the mind has control over the human experience If compared with Unitarianism, it is less religious Transcendentalists believed that law whose results are unjust is not worth following Views the society as one that employs rationalism and logic so that it achieves the truth Transcendentalists believed that knowledge of God should be at Personal level with no intervention Was formed through a transcendental club Its campaigns faded in the 1850s Transcendentalists value the work of art as if it were a living organism Facts from the main thesis Believed that our interior is important whether good or bad Believed that by living in the

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