Strategic Training Needs Analysis

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Strategic Training Needs Analysis Conclusion and Recommendations In order for the training to be successful, it is important to address the training needs by conducting a training needs analysis. The analysis helps critical issues such as the needs and requirements for the training. During the analysis, we get to answer questions such as which area the training is needed and why in that area? This ensures that the recommended training address the business needs in question. The another reason for the analysis is to identify the already existing business competencies and the methods to be used for and effective training. In order for a training analysis to be successful, the expected results and cost used must be accurately accounted for. For an effective training needs assessment, four steps are recommended. The first step is to conduct a “Gap” analysis to be able to know the target community’s or workplaces current situation against the desired or targeted standards. This should also identify what is required to bridge the gap in order to reach the targeted position. Since the workplace’s needs may be many, the next step is to identify the important ones and address them in the order of their priorities. The third step is identifying what the community is not doing that is also causing the problem or the gap. This targets both the organization and its employees. The final step is developing the solution for addressing the needs. This solution is where the training comes in. Since we have all the necessary requirements for the training; it is now easier to conduct the training to achieve the desired outcomes for the community or workplace. Failure to do the

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