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Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Date Capstone course was developed with an objective of increasing student exposure to real data and the problems of the real data analysis. It enables the students to gain a better insight of the modern statistical methods, advanced data analysis techniques and provides a platform to improve both written and oral communication abilities. The survey research is an integral part in the capstone course, and it involves the collection of information from a given number of people through response to questions. This study allows a variety of approaches to find participants, collect and analyze data. It can use both qualitative and quantitative research strategies to understand and come up with meaningful conclusions from the human behavior CITATION Ted01 l 1033 (Teddlie, 2001). The available survey research has led to the extensive use and application of quantitative techniques across all study models. These models help to collect and examine data in order to come up with strategies and more appropriate business models in terms of customer satisfaction and the success rate CITATION Con10 l 1033 (Converse, 2010). When well-implemented survey research is very essential to the market researchers, and it is worth noting that cost-effectiveness of the survey research gives it a competitive advantage over other research techniques. For instance, the online surveys are economical, fast and reliable in terms responses are given. The flexibility aspect of the survey research enhances it to be administered in various forms which include online, email, paper, and social media among others. This makes the research more successful as

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