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Statistics Homework 1 Name _____________________________________ There are two data files in the HW1 Folder, one is in SPSS form and it is: QLDiab.sav and the other is the same data file in Excel format: QLDiab.xlsx if you want to use a program other than SPSS. The data in these files is for a measure of Quality of Life of subjects with Type Ii diabetes. It has three variables: the QoL measure, time having diabetes as a category, and gender. This data set will be used for both HW1 and HW2. For HW1 to focus will be on graphics and for HW2 the focus will be on numerics. You will need to cut and past output into this form. Let’s look at parts of the data file variable view: 1. Does it appear the Measure label is correct? Why do you feel this way? The label is correct. That is because it offers a brief description of the variable of interest. In this case, the variable is the time that patients have spent since being diagnosed with diabetes. 2. Conduct frequency distribution and bar graph for the Gender variable. Post the Frequency Distribution for Gender here: Gender Count (f) Subtotal Male 79 79 Female 121 200 Total 200 Post the Bar Graph for Gender here: Complete this table: Gender f % Male 121 60.5 Female 79 39.5 3. Conduct frequency distribution and histogram for the Time category. Post the frequency distribution here: Time category Count (f) Subtotal Less than 5 years 26 26 5 to 10 years 38 64 More than 10 years 136 200 Total 200 Post the histogram here: Complete this table: Time having Diabetes f % CfC% Less than 5 years 26 13 26 13 5 to 10 years 38 19 64 32 More than 1 years 136 68 200 100 4. For the Quality of Life

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