Statistical Versus Clinical Significance

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Statistical Versus Clinical Significance Student’s Name Institution affiliation Implementation into Practice with Rationale, Risk Analysis, and Cost Statistical significance occurs when a finding allows an investigator to discard a null hypothesis at a pre-specified level of confidence or probability. The level is referred to as alpha, and it is typically set at 0.05 that implies that the chances of false positive results are at 5 percent. In critical research, alpha is usually set at 0.01 so as to make the likelihood of false positive results to be at 1 percent. Therefore, this helps in confirming that the critical results are real rather than random. On the other hand, clinical significance is a change in a subject’s clinical status through the reflection of the degree or size of the variance that is regarded as important. Many researchers have supported the application of clinical significance as equated to statistical importance when examining clinical problems. Clinical significance probes the bigger query of differences since the knowledge that two entities are dissimilar is not enough for one to deduce a conclusion. Therefore, this implies that the researchers need to know the magnitude of the difference and the inaccuracy allied with the appraisal. The article indicated that a statistically significant difference is an association that occurs among the variables that were not caused solely by normal variation. The researcher quoted the study carried out by Swartz-ell et al. (2013) that was based on the relationship that exists between fall risk score and actual occurrence of falls in acute care patients diagnosed with diabetes, stroke, and heart

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