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History Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Date Part III Anne Hutchinson/ Roger Williams/ Massachusetts Bay Colony After the Reformation, the separatists (the most devoted Puritans), settled in Massachusetts Bay and upheld staunch religious observations. They believed in salvation and damnation and strongly defended their religious dogmas with uncommon fury. They were devoted to the observance of Gods work and ignorance to God’s work was unfathomable. The church and the state were inseparable. However, when Anne Hutchinson and Rodger William invaded the Massachusetts Bay to speak out their mind, they were expelled. This was because Hutchinson preached the doctrine of predestination where she thought the enforcement of proper behavior for church members would change nothing since God has already predetermined human salvation or damnation. Roger Williams was also expelled from the land for his attempts to separate the church from the state as he believed tax collectors’ money way ‘dirty’ for the God’s work. Martin Luther/ John Calvin/John Winthrop Martin Luther staged a protest against the Roman Catholic priests, bishops, and popes and established his philosophy of ‘the Bible alone.’ According to the philosophy, the Bible was going to the only source of Christian teachings. His protests found a good backup from John Calvin, who kept the flame of reformation burning in Geneva, Switzerland, and in a position to woo many souls into Protestantism proclaiming that God was omnipotent, omniscient and knew who He will Judge in the end. John Winthrop establishes a strong Christian nation when he rose to power over the Puritans whom he made an

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